SPJ-FAU arrives

Welcome to the recently founded student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). We meet once a month in the newsroom of the on-campus, award-winning student magazine, the University Press. Our aim is to help student journalists evolve into employed professionals, using the force of journalism. But not the kind you’re taught in that ancient lecture hall.


Last month, for example, some of our members competed in SPJ South Florida’s Death Race, an event killing three pro journos because of their smoking habit, for the sake of teaching participants how to write obituaries. Fine, they weren’t really dead, but there was a mock funeral and Elinor Brecher, the obit writer for the Miami Herald, shared her expertise with participants.


And it’s these kinds of events that we strive for because they channel the force of journalism. In March, we’re inviting up to nine student journos to spend a wild weekend in Everglades National Park. There, you’ll learn environmental journalism, from the pros who report it, in the field.


If you’re interested in learning more about SPJ-FAU or becoming a member, our monthly meetings are in room 214 of the Student Union at FAU’s Boca campus. You can also email our president, Ryan Cortes, at Ryan.Cortes3@gmail.com if you’d just like more information.